Thursday, March 10, 2016

The Other Coronado

Yesterday I took a day cruise to Los Coronado Islands, Mexico. Today I rode my bike to Coronado. See Illustration.

T "A" pin shows Los Coronado Islands in Mexico south of Tijuana. Whereas Coronado is the peninsula that separates the San Diego Bay from the Ocean. It is a very exclusive area that has been a popular vacation destination for decades
For my last easy day before I get back into hard training on Saturday, I opted to do a loop through the city and then follow the Bay around the south rim and into Coronado. You basically ride down to the Tijuana border and then cut back up into Coronado.

On the San Diego side you ride along a huge Navy base before entering a bike path that totally flat and straight with little to nothing to look at, but all of the NW trade winds coming off the ocean in your face. It was hard to keep it down.

Once I reached Coronado I decided to take my time and snap a few pictures. As I pulled off to the side of the downtown main street, amidst the sounds of traffic and pedestrians chatting I hear someone say my name. I turned around and the was David Knittle - a friend from Tucson who is in San Diego this week with his wife vacationing. We chatted briefly and I learned that he also brought his bike along. So hopefully he will join me for the Saturday UC Cyclery ride. Maybe a bay cruise later in the day. Talk about random!

I hopped on the ferry and took it across the bay and finished off with a through Fisherman's Wharf before returning to Bay Club.

Standing on the Coronado side look back at the Coronado Bridge and San Diego

When these condo's were built back in the 70's there was a big brew haha
about them obstructing the view of the ocean.

Hotel Del Coronado. Kyria and I have eaten here several times.
I've been told that The Del was the first climate controlled hotel in the US.
Or maybe it's the oldest standing wooden hotel? I never was one for details. 

The main entrance to The Del. It's still a grand old hotel!

The Del has a main hotel but it also has these cool cottages along the ocean.

This is a view from one of the cottages toward the south. 
Los Coronado Islands are 18 miles out. 

The ferry that brought us across

It's a $5.00 ferry ride from Coronado across the bay.
There were several other cyclists using the ferry.
Other than the stingray with the ape hanger handlebars,
I notice that all of the others were Treks.
I thought this was Specialized territory?

When I returned to the boat, the sailing club across the yacht basin
was taking advantage of the windy afternoon to teach kids how to sail

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