Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Everybody Loves Kellog's

When I bought my boat my broker told me that a good pair of binoculars was imperative for navigation, but also for observing landmarks and wildlife such as whales, dolphins, birds, etc.

So I got a really good pair and like to watch birds as I'm out cruising the coast.  There are over 480 bird species in San Diego County. More than any other County in the United States. This weekend The San Diego Audubon Society is hosting their annual Bird Festival. Attendees come from all around the world.

It rained on and off most of the day yesterday. I ran some errands and cooked a pork roast and baked potato aboard the boat last night. These two stopped by to say hello and were begging for cornflakes.

This little dude as been stopping by all week around 6:00pm. I feed him Kellog's Cornflakes. Each day he comes a little closer to taking the flake right out of my hand. Last night he brought a friend.

There was a seagull sitting on a dock post who jumped into the water and started bullying the other two and calling out to his friends. Within about 30 seconds 100 seagulls descended onto the water and the docks. Seagulls are loud and dirty birds.
Osprey also live in the area. They are often called "fish hawk" or "fish eagle". Their wingspan can reach 75". There were a pair of them living at the top of the mast of the sailboat next to me. The people who owned the sailboat lived in Maui and only visited The Bay for a couple of weeks a year. They recently sold it and now I have a new neighbor. Osprey are cool to look at but they make crappy neighbors. And by crappy, I mean their bird crap is as big as their wingspan. I haven't met my new neighbor yet. I think she's kind of a recluse.

After the rainy day yesterday, today is picture perfect. I'm headed out for a long ride up the Pacific Coast Highway to Oceanside and back. It feels like a lot more than 2 days since I've been on my bike.    

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