Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Living like a Nomad

I've been living as somewhat of a nomad lately. We're doing a fairly extensive bathroom remodel at Kyria's house so I have been staying at my house on the other side of town, which I also rent weekly through a vacation rental website (VRBO.com). So, a couple of weeks ago, I had renters and ended up staying at a local hotel. Then last week I was in San Diego on the boat.

I've always been a minimalist so living like a nomad is easy for me. What few things I have, I now have to split between 3 places. And even after doing so, I still don't feel like I'm short of anything important. Bikes for example; I have 3 in San Diego on the boat. 2 folding bikes that Kyria and I enjoy riding around Point Loma and Shelter Island and my last year's Trek Madone. By leaving it there it will be easier to catch a last minute flight for the weekend without having to worry about bringing a bike along.

I have been feeling much better physically after missing racing at Valley Of The Sun. It was one of my target races and I was pre-registered, only to come down with a viral infection 2 days before the race. My other target races this year are: Tucson Bicycle Classic, Tour of the Gila, and San Dimas.

This weekend is Colossal Cave Road Race. It's sort of a grudge race for me. 2 years ago I was disqualified because I took a bottle in the feed zone that wasn't mine. The whole thing was really stupid. Another team's support person was holding up a bottle in the feed zone and I thought their guys were out of the race, so I snatched it. Immediately that team member rode up next to me and said "that's my bottle". I handed it to him and he said "Thanks Lou, let me know if you need a sip". I said "sure thing". And that was the end of it. No harm, no foul.

One of my teammates was up the road in a 6-man break. They had been out of sight for most of the race. With one lap to go at the top of the hill 2 P&S guys attacked and I went with them. We were in no-man's-land heading into the 3 mile climb before the hill sprint and they made a huge tactical mistake. Instead of attacking and relaying, they both traded pulls on the front and let me sit in.

About halfway up the 3 mile climb I attacked them, and neither could respond. So I bridged up to the group of 6 on the front. I could see them in the distance just before the right hand turn into the final climb. When I arrived I learned that Dan Naif had gotten away and was up the road. I sat on for a few pulls and then swung out wide and got away but could not see Dan. He had already crossed the line for the win. I rolled across alone for 2nd.

I had to leave the race before the award ceremony but within a half hour I got a text message from one of my teammates that I had been DQ'd for "stealing" a bottle. Turns out, their whole team protested. Seemed like a pretty weak thing to do. But, that's what I get for leaving early, I suppose.

Here's some video I took from last Friday night in San Diego relaxing on the boat.

Later that evening we went for a cruise in the dinghy. Below is a pic of the sunset.

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