Thursday, February 18, 2016

Lazy Day on The Bay

Today was a planned rest day. And when I say "rest" I mean, I don't ride and I try to stay off my feet as much as possible. When I'm in San Diego on a rest day, it's easy to figure out what to do. I fired up the twin diesels and cast off from the dock for an afternoon cruise in The Bay.

The San Diego Bay is 10 miles long with downtown San Diego on the east bay and Coronado Island and the Naval Airport to the west. In addition to a US Naval Base, The Bay also plays host to the US Coast Guard as well as the largest Sportfishing fleet in the Pacific. Royal Caribbean and Disney Cruise lines have arrivals and departures along to boardwalk. The Maritime Museum is right next door. And just up the bay there is a huge cargo ship carrying several containers of Dole bananas.

A towering bridge connects Coronado to the mainland. Passing under the bridge you can see Glorietta Bay to the west and about a mile long mooring of 10-12 Naval Warships on the opposing shoreline.

I've been cruising this bay for nearly a year now and every time I go out, my senses are on overload.

The sun was shining bright across the Bay today as I motored to Glorietta, where I planned to anchor for the afternoon. As I entered the narrow channel there were only 2 other boats on the hook in the public mooring area in front of the Coronado Golf Course. I noted a band of fog slowly approaching the hi-rise condos on the Island from the west as I scanned the area for the perfect spot to take in the afternoon sun from the cockpit of Joyride

Between the time it took to drop anchor and power down the engines, the fog had completely enveloped the Bay - like within 2-3 minutes! Visibility was zero. Luckily I had nowhere to be for the next several hours.

Coronado Bridge. I was moored just to the left of the bridge in front of the golf course when the fog came in.

One of the Naval Aircraft Carriers that call San Diego Bay home.

If you're into big boats with big guns.
These are listings for a few of the sportfishing charters available.
I'd guess there are over 100 different ships for charter in the bay

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