Thursday, January 21, 2016

Easy Peazy

Living on a boat I find it almost impossible to stay up late. In fact, most nights I drift into The Land of Nod between 8:30-9:00pm. It gets dark here in San Diego around 5:00, so by the time I have some dinner and touch base with Koki, it's time to crawl into the master stateroom and turn on the TV.

Turning in so early also means you wake up at 5:00-5:30am with 8-9 hours of sleep under your belt. I usually put on a pot of coffee and watch the sunrise.

Joyride in her slip at Shelter Island Yacht Basin
This morning I did some "work" in the internet and let the day settle in before kitting up around 10:00am. With nothing major to accomplish other than turning the pedals easy for 3-4 hrs, I decided to ride through the city and around the bay onto Coronado Island. Once on the island, the only way back to the mainland is either to backtrack or take the 5th Street Ferry - which is what I did.

I wasn't completely sure how to get around the south end but decided to just stay on main roads along the bay where I could still see water. For the most part it worked out; I only had to backtrack a couple of blocks.

This was today's route. I started from Shelter Island where I live.

These guys also rode around from the south and came onto the Ferry right after me.
The Ferry is wide open and very easy to bring your bike aboard. It's a 5 minute, $4.75 ride across the bay.

I have a 12' Zodiac tender on a hydraulic lift.
Most evenings I light a stogie cruise around the Yacht Basin and watch the sunset.

Speaking of sunsets, tonight's was way above average!

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