Monday, November 23, 2015

No Mexico

Well, our best laid plans went by the wayside due to my less than stellar planning.

I drove to San Diego on Thursday leaving Kyra behind to finish up a few last minute work responsibilities. She flew in on Friday - late morning and we enjoyed a perfect afternoon together walking and talking and eating our way through Liberty Station - a converted Naval base which is now home to shop, businesses, museums and the like. Later that evening we enjoyed a great Italian dinner with our neighbor Dan Waller and his date Debbie.

Debbie recently obtained her sailing certification and she and Dan are going to sail Dan's 45' Hunter up to Catalina Island for Thanksgiving next week.

Saturday mornings I almost always do the UC Cyclery Ride in La Jolla but I really wanted to watch the Iowa Hawkeye Football game that started at 9:00 (11:00 central). So I kitted up early and went for an hour-long ride up to Pt. Loma and was back to the boat by 8:30.

We scarfed down some eggs and then I ran to the convenience store to pick up a sandwich for later in the day while Kyria took a shower.

We departed from the dock shortly after 10:00 with the Hawkeyes up by 14.

Facing SW headed out of The Bay you can see 3 of the 4 Coronado Islands on the Horizon.

The Coronado Islands are only about 12 miles from the mouth of San Diego Bay and in fact, with favorable weather conditions you can see the 4 bumps sticking out of the sea. We had finally gotten our Mexico permits and we were going to take a day cruise around the uninhabited islands.

As we were just about to leave the bay I realized that I had forgotten to remove 2 fishing poles and a couple of tackle boxes from below deck. I have no fishing license. If you get caught in Mexico with fishing gear and no license it could be grounds for confiscating your boat and ending up in a Tijuana jail. In fact, just the night before, Debbie told us a story of being in Cancun some years ago and being stopped by the local motorcycle cops for speeding. After being shaken down the Mexican cop finally proposed a bet. They would flip a coin - heads you go free, tails - you go to jail. Luckily, the flip turned up heads.

I have never been a good gambler, so we would either go back to the marina and drop off the poles (adding another 90 minutes), or just adjust our route, which is what we ultimately opted to do. So, we headed north to Mission Bay and planned to drop the anchor and have some lunch, maybe put on the wetsuits and have a swim. It really would not have mattered where we were headed, the weather was perfect - bright sunshine, mild wind and 75 degrees.

It's a 15 minute drive from Shelter Island to Mission Beach, but it's a 2 hour cruise by boat. You actually have to head south for about 5 miles before you can turn north because there is a very large kelp bed just outside of the bay. And, placed in the midst of the kelp are literally thousands of lobster traps. They are suspended by a very small bobber that can be any color. If there is any chop on the water whatsoever, they are almost impossible to see and avoid. So, it is best to steer clear and go out and around.

3 miles off shore - Mission Bay entrance in the center of the frame
By the time we made the entrance to Mission Bay the Hawkeyes had sealed the deal 40-20 over Purdue. We are now 11-0. I'm not even thinking about an undated season, I just want to enjoy this once in a lifetime spectacle of being undefeated.

Kyria is starting to get really comfortable aboard Joyride. 3 miles from shore we loose internet or cell phone service. I look forward to this a somewhat serendipitous opportunity for Kiki to find a pillow and curl up in the salon or the stateroom for a nap - something that she would never, ever do in Tucson.

I thought they were gummy worms. Kyria will have to explain what these things are all about.

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